Saturday, March 29, 2008

Should I Weigh Myself a Lot?

How often should I weigh myself on your program? My advice is that you weigh yourself once a month, on the same morning every month, before you've eaten anything, and preferably without clothes and after voiding. Keep a written monthly log..

And that's it.
Please do not weigh yourself more than once a month.I suggest this because I know firsthand what getting on the scale can do for a weight loss program. There were times I weighed myself several times a day. I'd go down in pounds on intense diets (as much as 5-10 pounds in a week), and up in water weight whenever I ate or drank liquids. Depending on what the scale dictated, I ate more or less. It made me crazy! I'd feel happy if it went down a little, so I'd eat some more, which made it go up. I'd feel really depressed if it didn't go down, so I'd starve myself, which often had no effect, which made me feel worse.

Weight change is cumulative and gradual. It's affected by the overall aggregate of what you eat, and how much you use up the nutritional energy you're consuming in the form of physical activity. When losing weight, the pounds don't go off steadily or predictably. Everyone is different. Allowing a month to let the wonderful work you're doing take effect is far more sane and safe than frequent, compulsive weighing..

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Monday, March 17, 2008

One thing you MUST do to get lean & ripped....

So what's the 1 thing you MUST do if you want to get lean and ripped and stay that way for LIFE?You NEED to do this if...

*If you want to be able to eat 1000's more calories than most other people, yet stay lean on a regular basis.

*If you want to be able to lose body fat at any given time in your future faster than most people would ever dream of.

THE absolute most important thing you can do to stay lean for life is...

Build muscle!
There's just no way around it... the amount of muscle mass you carry on your body has a direct and positive influence on your metabolic rate, how many calories your body naturally consumes even at rest, and how easy it will be for you to get and STAY as lean as you want!Basically, more muscle = higher metabolic rateThat's why some bodybuilders can eat 5000-6000 calories/day and actually stay single-digit bodyfat lean.Over a decade ago, when I was 19 years old... I was a scrawny weakling weighing in at about 135 lbs of lanky bones... that's not an exaggeration either! I always struggled to gain even an ounce of muscle.

Over the years I learned some important principles about training, eating, and lifestyle... and at the age of 31 now, I've built up to a respectable 195 lbs... and am actually leaner than I was at age 19!I recently met another fitness professional who shared a similar story to me. His name is Vince Delmonte, and he used to be a scrawny punk as well...From talking to Vince, I found out that he used some of the same techniques I had used, and he was finally able to pack some serious muscle onto his frame. I was even more impressed with what Vince had accomplished...Changing his "skinny punk" ways, Vince changed a few key aspects in his workouts and his eating habits, and over the course of only 6 months, he packed on a whopping...41 lbs of rock solid muscle onto his frame!All with absolutely ZERO performance-enhancing substances... and without fancy supplements too.And that's not an exaggeration either... he even has the pictures to prove it (not even to mention becoming a champion fitness model after his transformation)

Check out Vince's impressive transformation pics here...
Now here's the cool part...Vince documented all of the techniques he used to pack on 41 lbs of muscle in only 6 months, and put it all together into a easy to follow program.He gave me a copy to review. I must say that it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to muscle building programs...But I can honestly say that this is about the best program I've ever seen if you want the quickest and most effective way possible to pack on serious muscle fast.

Go to the following page to check out Vince's entire program he has lined up for you and the special bonuses...

Build muscle, and get lean!
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

How Do I Know When I Am Really Hungry?

Where I work is a pretty boring place. I notice when I am bored I "think" I am hungry and I "think" I have a headache. It is hard for me to recognize the difference of true hunger and boredom hunger. Any suggestions or tips ?

You're on the right track of differentiating between boredom, habits, and hunger. It can be difficult at first, as many people who are overweight, like I was, don’t recognize the signals of being full. Many of us have never allowed ourselves to be hungry!

When I am actually hungry, I get several body messages. I feel slightly weak and low in energy. If I'm really hungry, I'm on the edge of a headache. My stomach feels empty. (Notice I said, "I feel" not "I think.") When that happens, I ask myself four things: When did I last eat? Is it time for me to eat again? (Both questions refer to the eating plan I follow, my own Joy of Weight Loss Food Plan.) Am I actually bored or tired? Am I thirsty?

I always eat every 2-3 hours. I have fruit snacks or a protein combined with a carb. This could be an apple or two small slices of cheese, on two crackers. Always, I find a big glass of water also helps lessen my hunger pangs. This will usually tide me over, and keep me energetic and alert.

Boredom masquerading as hunger is now easy for me to spot. If my head is full of thoughts and I am not doing anything, that’s an indicator. If I don’t have body signals, and I’m thinking about food, I do something instead of eating. Try going outside for a walk, calling a friend, or tackling a project you've put off for some time.

Perhaps your overweight problem is job dissatisfaction in disguise. Instead of snacking, call a headhunter or look at job boards! And ask God for help in eating, boredom, job hunting, and everything you do.

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