Saturday, March 29, 2008

Should I Weigh Myself a Lot?

How often should I weigh myself on your program? My advice is that you weigh yourself once a month, on the same morning every month, before you've eaten anything, and preferably without clothes and after voiding. Keep a written monthly log..

And that's it.
Please do not weigh yourself more than once a month.I suggest this because I know firsthand what getting on the scale can do for a weight loss program. There were times I weighed myself several times a day. I'd go down in pounds on intense diets (as much as 5-10 pounds in a week), and up in water weight whenever I ate or drank liquids. Depending on what the scale dictated, I ate more or less. It made me crazy! I'd feel happy if it went down a little, so I'd eat some more, which made it go up. I'd feel really depressed if it didn't go down, so I'd starve myself, which often had no effect, which made me feel worse.

Weight change is cumulative and gradual. It's affected by the overall aggregate of what you eat, and how much you use up the nutritional energy you're consuming in the form of physical activity. When losing weight, the pounds don't go off steadily or predictably. Everyone is different. Allowing a month to let the wonderful work you're doing take effect is far more sane and safe than frequent, compulsive weighing..

Sources : Weight Loss with Norris

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