Saturday, March 15, 2008

How Do I Know When I Am Really Hungry?

Where I work is a pretty boring place. I notice when I am bored I "think" I am hungry and I "think" I have a headache. It is hard for me to recognize the difference of true hunger and boredom hunger. Any suggestions or tips ?

You're on the right track of differentiating between boredom, habits, and hunger. It can be difficult at first, as many people who are overweight, like I was, don’t recognize the signals of being full. Many of us have never allowed ourselves to be hungry!

When I am actually hungry, I get several body messages. I feel slightly weak and low in energy. If I'm really hungry, I'm on the edge of a headache. My stomach feels empty. (Notice I said, "I feel" not "I think.") When that happens, I ask myself four things: When did I last eat? Is it time for me to eat again? (Both questions refer to the eating plan I follow, my own Joy of Weight Loss Food Plan.) Am I actually bored or tired? Am I thirsty?

I always eat every 2-3 hours. I have fruit snacks or a protein combined with a carb. This could be an apple or two small slices of cheese, on two crackers. Always, I find a big glass of water also helps lessen my hunger pangs. This will usually tide me over, and keep me energetic and alert.

Boredom masquerading as hunger is now easy for me to spot. If my head is full of thoughts and I am not doing anything, that’s an indicator. If I don’t have body signals, and I’m thinking about food, I do something instead of eating. Try going outside for a walk, calling a friend, or tackling a project you've put off for some time.

Perhaps your overweight problem is job dissatisfaction in disguise. Instead of snacking, call a headhunter or look at job boards! And ask God for help in eating, boredom, job hunting, and everything you do.

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